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Is your team performing below expectations? Do they lack drive, energy and motivation? Are they overwhelmed, disinterested and demotivated? Is your team encountering on-going change and finding it difficult to remain focused and motivated in the face of these changes? Would you like to unlock your teams hidden potential and unlock their inner motivation, passion and drive?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you have come to the right place. We offer the most inspiring, informative, practical, tried and tested, keynote addresses, motivational workshops and motivational speakers interventions, to support your team to regain their inspiration, motivation, drive and passion to succeed once again.
We empower exceptional people, winning teams and authentic leaders, inspiring them to shift their behaviour and attitude, so that they can optimize their personal effectiveness and consistently deliver their best. Our motivational speakers are amongst the best in South Africa and will get the best results, when they work with people, who want to drop limiting beliefs and restrictions in the pursuit of excellence and want to live an AGILE and thriving life. We will act as the catalyst for success within any organization.

Our proven motivational tools and outstanding motivational speakers will guide your team to mobilize every asset and resource at their disposal for the benefit of all stakeholders. We are in the business of delivering real outcomes for our clients, by assisting them to re-energize their teams and we support them to re-ignite the fire of inspiration in every individual within their organization.

We do this by first identifying the desired outcome or by exploring the challenge they are facing. Once we are clear on what is required, we then design a program to encourage a few crucial positive behavioural shifts, which will help the team to achieve the desired improved motivation or to overcome any challenges they are facing.

Motivational Speakers Support Tools

We have a number of really effective tools, which help to keep the inspiration, learning and application of the motivational tools learned going; long after the event is over. One of these is our online training system. This is a really effective tool, which uses video training, audio books, written eBooks and a carefully designed set of questions to support you and your team to apply the knowledge and motivational tools you will learn, during the workshop and continue to apply this long after the event is over. This system is designed to help you and your team, to both learn and apply the knowledge I will share with you during my talk.

Motivational Speakers Online Training System

This system is available to every delegate 24-7-365 and allows your team to learn and apply all the motivational tools and techniques they will learn at their own pace and in their own time. It is a very user friendly system, which is designed with video, audio and questions to help you and your team, actually apply the tools you will learn, during my keynote address. This system helps; people understand the on-going need for consistently delivering their best and keeps the inspiration going long after the event is over.

Daily Inspirational Message

Another really powerful tool is my daily inspirational message. This is a daily reminder, which is an opt-in daily message, which is available free to everyone who attends one of my talks. This message contains a link to an article I write every day, but is also your team’s daily call to action. It serves as a reminder to everyone, to make the few crucial behavioural shifts, they need to make, to achieve improved levels of motivation.

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